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Pin Flags and More has been directly involved with Fundraising, Corporate Sponsors, Sponsorship, Cause-Related Marketing, Public Charity, Private Foundations and the many different kinds of Charitable Organizations.


There is not a single tactic or giving channel that is nearly as important as the quality of your message and your ability to inspire, arouse and engage the hearts and minds of donors. Especially their hearts.


Being recognized as a sponsor will communicate value and support with the audience at any event


Our custom designed Golf Pin Flags along with other textile printed materials, such as Banners and Table Covers, can capture the hearts and imaginations of your audience with photo realism. Benefit from the resulting positive exposure with recognition to those who support the cause.

Logo placement in a variety of places, such as Golf Pin Flags, will add to increase brand awareness. Being recognized as a sponsor will communicate value and support with the audience at the event.


Benefit from the resulting positive exposure


There is the satisfaction here at Pin Flags and More, of being part of the generation of fundraisers that gets to build something entirely new – a modern and enduring approach to connecting people who care with the causes that matter in our lives.


Our job at Pin Flags and More, will continue to be giving people something to talk about with our unique embellished products. We do believe providing the tools to make it easy for supporters to promote events and raise money will lead to superior results.


Small businesses, like Pin Flags and More, are affiliating themselves with charities to market their businesses. Not only is it a primary means for developing a powerful network but also it helps others in the process. People like to associate themselves with businesses that support causes, which help disadvantaged people in a meaningful way.


Benefits of Charity Events:

  • Supporting a Charity

  • Promoting a positive image

  • Increasing your sponsors

  • Increasing media promotion


Sponsorship is used to enhance the audience’s emotional connection to the sponsor's brand through their experience with the event or activity.

The bonus is therefore on using a BIG creative idea supported by various sponsor benefits as in a Golf Tournament to use our Custom Designed Pin Flags with the Sponsors Logo.


Charitable giving is a deeply emotional process.

We should all leave this world a better place.

Hundreds of opportunities exist to make a difference in society.


Pin Flags and More specializing in professional custom, personal and promotional embellished products can make a difference.

Deal with friendly, knowledgeable and professional staff with exceptional customer experience.

Targeted Markets serviced with over 40 years experience:

Golf Courses-Country Clubs-Trade Shows-Conventions-Tournaments-Charities-Non Profits-Schools-Sports-Fraternal Organizations-Non Dues Revenue Programs-Chamber of Commerce-Community Events-Campaigns

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